The Confessions of a 20 Something’s Dating Life…

Hello my lovelies!

Let’s be honest dating is full of embarrassing and awkward moments that make me cringe pretty much every day of my life. I’ve spent my time watching rom-coms and reading romantic novels; and for someone as awkward as I am when it comes to dating, I used them as a fool proof guide to navigating my way through the dating world…well I’m a year in and still as socially constipated as I was before (literally the only way I could think to describe it…apologies) I have decided to be brutally honest about my past year of dating, maybe you’ll learn something or you’ll just have a good giggle.

Dating Sites

MATEEEE dating sites can either be the most empowering or disheartening thing depending on the people you meet on them. Mine has been pretty much disheartening with the odd exception. Once you’ve found someone you like the look of there’s the pressure of thinking of something witty to say…when did hello stop being an okay way to greet people!? Once you’ve waded your way through the people that see you as a ‘good time instead of a long time’ (an actual quote from a guy I met on a dating site…I know…lets all roll our eyes together) So now you’ve managed to secure a date which is a whole new situation filled with potential make or break moments.

Going On Dates

I have been on a few dates that really sucked the fun out of dating. I think the hardest thing about dates is when you’ve realised you aren’t a good match but you still have a whole date to sit through…what are you supposed to do!? I think everyone should carry a disclaimer in the form of a business card that tells me what you’re looking for! If you’re struggling to picture it; this is what mine would look like…

Name: Mollie Yates

Age: 23

Looking for: Someone to go on holiday with, take cringey photos of me for Instagram (sorry not sorry), cuddles and movie nights, someone who actually wants to go out and do things, someone who won’t judge me for eating pineapple on pizza and someone who can appreciate that I love my kittens but not refer to me as crazy cat lady (bit of a downer)

Dealing With Other People’s Opinions

Opinions are like arseholes…everyone’s got one.

In this past year I have come up against a lot of other people’s opinions and sometimes not letting them get to you is the hardest thing. For a long time I thought what ever people said about me was true, the most common thing I was told was that I must be a slut and sleep with loads of people if I’ve been single for a long time.

I imagine a lot of people hear this one so I’d like to set the record straight…


Now that’s out of the way we can carry on… whether you’ve been single for 2 months or 2 years however you decide to spend your time has nothing to do with anyone else, so enjoy it and do what’s best for you.

Believe it or not dating can be fun and it has completely changed me as a person, it has made me stronger and made me realise it’s okay to say no, you’re not always going to like everyone and that’s fine. My dating goal was always to find a partner but now it’s always changing because life is unpredictable…and for once I’m okay with that.

Peace out my loves ✌️😘

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