Snow Day!

Hello my lovelies!

I had a totally different post planned for today but I couldn’t resist sharing my snow day with you!

I love a snow day so I had to start it off the right way with a hot chocolate! I used this unicorn hot chocolate set to add something a little special! Nesquick made with hot milk and cream is my go to hot chocolate combination!

I couldn’t resist going out for a walk in the snow (I was also on the quest for cheese…cheese and onion on toast is a must) The snow makes everything look so beautiful and it was so quiet with no cars on the road!

SnowNow I am snuggled under my covers enjoying my cheese and onion on toast, deciding what rom com to watch while my bottle of prosecco chills in the fridge! This has definitely become a perfect Tuesday!

Hope wherever you are you’re making the most of your snow day!

See you next time xo

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