My Go – To Hairstyles

Hello my lovelies!

I have a few go – to hairstyles that save me whenever I’m having a bad hair day or don’t have time to think of something to do with my hair, so I thought I’d share them with you and hopefully save you from a few bad hair days!

Soft Waves

I love wearing my hair in soft beachy waves, my hair is dead straight (and yes I am grateful for the blessing that is naturally straight hair!) but it’s nice to mix it up a bit and have a bit of texture from time to time!

I start off with covering my hair with heat protection, I normally use any tresemme or V05 product. Then I use a 1inch curling wand to create my waves, I take medium, even sized sections and curl them for 20-30 seconds, then when all my hair is curled I use a wide tooth comb to brush them out and finish with some hairspray and texturizing spray.

Mini Braids

Next up are my beloved mini braids! I absolutely love braids and I think they are such an easy way to make it look like you put more effort in than you actually did! I always use Dutch braids in this hairstyle but it would definitely look just as good with French braids! I just section off two small sections either side of my parting and braid them, then I tie them together with a hair elastic.

Mini Braids Top Knot

This last one is super easy to do as it’s just adding a few steps to the last hairstyle! I split the hair left from the braids in two and twist them round each other, then I gently pull each section to add some volume, to finish wrap it in a bun and add bobby pins!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and that you have fun giving these hairstyles a go!

See you next time xo

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