August Catch Up!


Hey guys!

After a very busy month I’m back with a new blog post to share what I’ve been up to!

To start this crazy month I went to Mexico! It was such a beautiful place with gorgeous views and an amazing culture to learn about. The weather was hot and sunny with one or two welcome showers! My boyfriend and I had an incredible time laying by the pool, spending the night on a pirate ship, walking to the local market and going on an off-road adventure! I can’t want to visit Mexico again and explore some more, if you’re looking for a holiday destination definitely check out Mexico!


Then a week after getting home from Mexico (along with some serious jet lag!) My stepsister got married, I had the honour of doing her hair and make up for the big day! It was a beautiful wedding and a great day to spend with family.

Then the week after that we had another wedding! My brother-in-law got married and I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid, I also did the bridesmaids hair for the day. We had another great weekend with family and friends…even if some of us did leave feeling a little worse for wear! Wedding

So overall August/September has been amazing! This year has been full of wonderful things and there is so much more to come! Thank you so much for sticking around and waiting for new posts while I’ve been away! I will be back to my normal schedule next week with some beauty and baking posts! As always, thank you for reading and see you next time xo





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